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Estate Planning

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Most people spend decades saving for their retirement, the education of their children or grandchildren, and providing for their families. But even those who are the most diligent about growing their assets and managing their family affairs often neglect to prepare an estate plan to protect their own financial security and well-being during their lifetime or provide for their families upon their death. The right choices in estate planning can offer significant tax-savings benefits, and can ensure that your beneficiaries receive the most from your estate at the time and in the manner that you desire.

Our estate planning practice encompasses more than just the drafting of wills. The goal of our estate planning practice is to provide our clients with the latest information and techniques to help them plan for their future and their legacy, while at the same time remaining sensitive to the emotions involved in making potentially difficult family decisions. We achieve this objective by educating our clients about the issues involved and the options available and then helping them choose the option that is right for them and their family.

We thoroughly analyze your financial and family circumstances to develop an integrated strategy to accomplish your unique objectives. For example, if you own a business, a succession plan for your business may be an integral part of the estate planning process. If you have a special needs child, your estate plan will need to address his or her care after you are gone. Our business and tax experience, combined with our elder law and estate planning knowledge, allows us to formulate a plan that incorporates all of these important factors and address all of your needs.

If you need help preparing your estate plan, or if you would like us to review your existing plan and related documents, call us at 631-683-8700.