Elder Law & Special Needs

Elder Law and Special Needs

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Elder law is an evolving area of law dealing with legal needs, rights, and quality of life issues of older clients and those with disabilities. With seniors making up the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, the percentage of Americans reaching traditional “retirement” age continues to rise steadily. Our Elder Law practice addresses this ever-aging population and assists them with important life decisions regarding retirement, health care, asset preservation, and estate planning. We address the particular needs of our clients and are sensitive to their unique personal values, preferences, and family dynamics. We are committed to helping our clients find the solutions that work for their family while preserving the dignity of our clients and their loved ones.

Often clients come to us in “crisis” – their loved ones have not initiated advanced planning to prepare for the possibility of long-term care at home or in a skilled nursing facility, and decisions about care must be made quickly. But it is never too late to preserve all or part of the individual’s legacy. The individual or his or her family should contact our firm as soon as possible so that we can best advise them and put a plan into action.

We are committed to maintaining up-to-date knowledge of current changes in legislation that can affect our clients so that we can help our clients develop the best plan given the current state of the law.

For these and other elder law questions or issues, contact our office at 631-683-8700.